Our current system has become a resounding success with customers for several compelling reasons. With its state-of-the-art swim current technology, Riverflow has redefined the pool experience and garnered a dedicated following among professional swimmers, recreational swimmers, and homeowners. Here’s why Riverflow is a hit with our customers:

  1. Powerful and Adjustable Swim Current
  2. Realistic Swimming Simulation
  3. Versatility and Adaptability
  4. Enhanced Training Opportunities
  5. Quiet and Unobtrusive Operation
  6. Exceptional Build Quality and Reliability

Customers recognize the value that our current system brings to their pool experience. We’re incredibly pleased to provide a best-in-class product that has resonated with swimmers of all levels. View what our customers have to say about their Riverflow experience.

“Riverflow is the best on the market.” – Dr. Robert Peyton

View Testimonials From Swimmers

Meredith Novack

World Record Open Water Swimmer

Mike Smith

Masters Swimmer

High School Basketball Player

Former College Swimmer

Nurse & Mother of Three

Current College Swimmer

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