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“Game changer system guys! The pump is amazing and nothing on the market creates a more controllable current. Two thumbs up. Our client couldn’t be happier. Really appreciate the personal involvement given by Phil and the rest of the team. Job well done. Thank you!” – John Lea

“We looked at several options for powering the Lazy River and are glad to say we chose to use Riverflow Pumps By Current Systems. Riverflow delivered a premium product as promised and they were with us every step along the way starting with design, during, construction, all the way to start-up of the river. We look forward to working with Phil and his team again on future projects.” – Keith Dalton – Co-President – Typhoon Texas

“Designing current channels and lazy rivers can be challenging. The river can be too fast, or even worse, too slow. Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems has afforded us designers with what we need most… flexibility. The variable speed pumps are high volume-low head and deliver a smooth stream of water to power the river. The energy savings alone make this election a no-brainer for installation in waterparks of any size. Much of the success at Typhoon Texas is due to Riverflow Pumps.” – Calvin T. Brannon, P.E. – Aquatic Consulting Engineer – Water Park Designer for Typhoon Texas

“Riverflow allowed me to have a calm river that can transform to ‘stormy’ with one versatile system that also interfaced easily with the other water features in the park. The Riverflow System gave us an immediate cost savings as well. Believe it or not, we are not even running the pumps at full strength even when the Stormy River fires up.” – Bill Catania- Cape Codder Resort & Spa

“Once the current of the river is created, you can dial back the pump allowing savings on operation of the pump, yet still maintaining the current of the river. We are members of the Master Pool Guild and strive on all projects to build a quality pool in a timely and efficient manner. The Riverflow technicians were very helpful, knowledgeable, and were easy to work with.” Buffy Neumann – Project Manager, Burleson Pool Company, Inc.

“Riverflow Pumps By Current Systems are very flexible with their installation. They have a small footprint so you can put them where you want the water velocity to go. You can do them in a curve, or just out of a curve, or on a straight away. They’re very quiet which was a concern with residents across the street. With the VFD, the pumps are very quiet,” – Travis Bozick – Project Manager, Aquatic Consulting Engineer for Farmers Branch Aquatic Center

“The Riverflow powered lazy river did exactly what they said it would. The pump performed very well and beyond our high-level expectations. We are very pleased. Boy, do they run quiet. Paddock Pool Equipment Company is extremely impressed with the way the system performs and would highly recommend it for any commercial job. The technicians helped every step of the way and we can’t say enough about them.” – Joe Sandy, Project Manager – Paddock Pool Equipment Company

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