Swim In Place – Comparisons

Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems stand out for their exceptional warranty, unobtrusive design, salt water compatibility, powerful flow rate, quiet operation, and affordable price point.

Riverflow Leads The Pack!

With a 5-year warranty, we demonstrate our confidence in the product’s quality and durability, providing customers with peace of mind. The flush design ensures a seamless and clean appearance, enhancing the pool’s aesthetics while promoting efficient water circulation.

Riverflow Pumps are specifically designed to be compatible with salt water systems, ensuring long-lasting performance even in corrosive environments. Featuring a flow rate of 2400 gallons per minute (GPM), our pumps deliver a challenging and realistic swimming experience for athletes and recreational swimmers.

Operating silently, our pumps create a serene and peaceful swimming environment, allowing for uninterrupted workouts and relaxation. Offering excellent value, Riverflow Pumps provide a cost-effective option without compromising on features or performance.

Choose Riverflow Pumps by Current Systems for a swim current system that excels in warranty, design, compatibility, flow rate, quiet operation, and affordability.


What You See

Get a sense of what each system will look like in your swimming pool.

Riverflow® Current Systems

Endless Pools®

Badu® Jets Supersport II

Badu® Jets Turbo Pro

Wondering if Riverflow® is right for you?

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