Riverflow® Swim In Place

Are you looking to stay strong, fit, healthy, and have fun right in the comfort of your own backyard? Look no further than Riverflow System—a revolutionary technology that can convert any pool, new or existing, into a cutting-edge swim spa lap pool.

Whether you’re aiming to create a lap pool, a lazy river, or a dedicated exercise pool, the Riverflow System offers the perfect solution with its next-generation technology. The Riverflow pump is the most powerful and efficient in the industry, specifically engineered for Counter Current swimming applications.

Riverflow offers two different pump options to cater to various needs. The 7.5 HP Elite pump is ideal for recreational swimmers, while the 10 HP Competition pump is perfect for competitive athletes and commercial applications.

Innovation Backed By Outstanding Customer Support

The Riverflow® Current System offers a seamless integration process into your lazy river project, making it an ideal product for pool builders to incorporate. With our team of experienced professionals and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Current Systems provides comprehensive support throughout the installation and integration process. Our expertise ensures that pool contractors can easily incorporate the Riverflow® system into the design of the lazy river pool, maximizing its efficiency and performance.

Riverflow Competition® System

The Riverflow Competition® model is a remarkable option for pool owners seeking to incorporate a powerful current system into their swimming pools. This system can be seamlessly installed during the construction of a new pool or retrofitted to an existing one, providing flexibility and convenience. The Riverflow Competition® offers a wide and smooth current, reminiscent of a flowing river, and the intensity can be easily adjusted with a simple touch of the finger, allowing swimmers to customize their experience.

The Riverflow Competition® system delivers exceptional value for its performance and features. Shipping is available at an additional cost, ensuring that the system reaches its destination safely. For those who require a manifold, there is an extra charge. It’s worth noting that our system comes with a 5-year pump warranty, which reflects the product’s durability and reliability.

Moreover, the Riverflow Competition® system complies with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, making it suitable for both commercial and residential applications. This act sets safety standards for swimming pool equipment to prevent entrapment and promote water safety. With its compliance to these regulations, the Riverflow Competition® system provides pool owners with peace of mind, knowing that their pool is equipped with a current system that meets rigorous safety standards.

The Swim In Place System

Exercise pools are becoming increasingly ever more popular. Consequently, the Swim In Place system by Riverflow Current Systems is a preferred choice for both professional swimmers and recreational swimmers due to its numerous advantages and unparalleled performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to enhance your training or an individual seeking a convenient and effective way to exercise, the Swim In Place system offers the perfect solution you’ve been searching for in a home swim training system.

Swimmers are drawn to the Swim In Place system for its ability to provide a challenging and realistic swimming experience. The powerful current generated by the system simulates the feeling of swimming against a strong natural current, thereby improving a swimmers strength, endurance, and technique. With adjustable speeds and customizable settings, swimmers can tailor their training sessions to replicate various swimming conditions.

Whether you’re a professional swimmer aiming for peak performance or a recreational swimmer seeking a convenient and enjoyable workout, the Swim In Place system caters to your specific needs. Its ability to provide a challenging and realistic swimming experience, combined with its convenience and versatility make it the preferred choice for swimmers of all levels. Upgrade your swimming routine with the Swim In Place system and unlock a world of possibilities for training, exercise, and relaxation.

Experience a world class workout in the comfort of your own pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swim In Place system is a technology that allows swimmers to swim against a continuous current within a pool, simulating the experience of swimming in open water. It offers the convenience of swimming in a confined space, making it suitable for various pool sizes, including residential pools.

The Swim In Place system utilizes a high-powered pump, typically the Riverflow pump, to generate a strong and adjustable current within the pool. The pump circulates the water, creating a flow that allows swimmers to swim against it while staying in one place. The current can be customized to suit different swimming abilities and fitness levels.

Yes, the Swim In Place system can be installed in most pool configurations, including new pools or existing pools that are being retrofitted. It is important to consult with a professional installer to determine the feasibility and specific requirements for your pool.

The Swim In Place system offers a range of benefits for swimmers. It provides a convenient and space-efficient way to swim and exercise in your own pool. It allows for continuous swimming without needing to turn around, making it ideal for lap swimming and training purposes. The adjustable current provides a challenging workout for swimmers of all levels, from recreational users to professional athletes.

Yes, the Swim In Place system offers adjustable speed and current settings, allowing users to tailor the intensity of the swim current to their specific needs and abilities. Whether you prefer a gentle current for leisurely swims or a more powerful current for intense training, the Swim In Place system can be customized to suit your preferences.

Yes, the Swim In Place system is designed to be energy-efficient. Advanced pump technology and variable speed control mechanisms ensure that the system operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption while still providing a powerful swim current. This allows swimmers to enjoy extended swim sessions without worrying about excessive energy costs.

Yes, safety is a priority in the design of the Swim In Place system. It incorporates safety features such as full-time ground fault protection (GFCI) and reliable controls to ensure a secure swimming environment. However, it is important to follow proper swimming safety guidelines and use the system responsibly.

While the Swim In Place system is primarily designed for swimming, it can also be used for other water activities such as water jogging, resistance training, and water aerobics. The adjustable current allows for a versatile water environment that can cater to different activities and fitness goals.

Installing a Swim In Place system typically involves working with a professional pool installer or a specialized company that provides the system. They will assess your pool’s configuration, recommend the appropriate equipment, and handle the installation process to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Yes, the Swim In Place system can often be retrofitted into existing pools. However, the feasibility of retrofitting depends on the pool’s size, shape, and other factors. It is best to consult with a professional installer to determine if a retrofit is possible for your specific pool setup.


Wondering if a Riverflow® system is right for you? The best way to learn more about our product and get answers to your questions is to schedule a consultation with us.