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Riverflow Sponsors 4th Annual Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge
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In the realm of pool and landscape design, innovation knows no bounds. Designers continually push the envelope, envisioning breathtaking aquatic spaces that transform ordinary backyards into luxurious retreats. This pursuit of excellence is vividly embodied in the 4th annual Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge, where Riverflow by Current Systems, Inc. takes center stage as the proud lead sponsor of the grand prize awarded to the 1st place finalist. The competition promises to be a showcase of skill, creativity, and limitless imagination, focusing on the creation of the ultimate lazy river backyard oasis in the picturesque setting of Miami Beach.

The essence of the Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge is to shatter all the conventional paradigms and empower designers to conceive a masterpiece unburdened by budget constraints. Each participant is tasked with crafting a design concept that brings to life a paradisiacal vision, where a theoretical budget of $1 million is at their disposal. In this realm of limitless financial creativity, the designers are free to explore unparalleled extravagance, presenting an opportunity to redefine the boundaries of luxury outdoor living.

At the heart of the competition’s success is the collaborative effort between industry-renowned designers Reid Schindler and Mike Farley. With a collective portfolio spanning decades of remarkable pool and landscape design projects, Schindler and Farley bring a wealth of expertise and innovation to the event. Their discerning eyes and seasoned perspectives ensure that the submitted designs will be nothing short of extraordinary.

The Million Dollar Pool Design Challenge will host the finalists at the PSP Deck Expo in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Against the backdrop of a city known for its spectacle, this event promises to be a visual feast of creative expression. Designers from all corners of the industry will converge to share their visionary concepts, each one a testament to the boundless potential of design when financial restraints are set aside.

For those eager to accept the challenge, the entry submission deadline is September 21st. However, Riverflow offers an exclusive opportunity for designers to gain an edge in the competition. An additional 5% credit will be awarded to participants who choose to consult with Riverflow while developing their design submissions. This collaboration presents a unique chance to tap into Riverflow’s cutting-edge expertise in aquatic technology, ensuring that the designs not only dazzle aesthetically but also function seamlessly.

Riverflow by Current Systems, Inc. stands as a prominent name in the industry, renowned for its innovative solutions in aquatic technology. As the competition’s sponsor, Riverflow not only recognizes the importance of pushing boundaries but also celebrates the unbridled creativity that emerges when designers are granted the freedom to dream without limits. We’re incredibly proud to sponsor this event in collaboration with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, Ledge Lounger, and Pool Magazine. We look forward to seeing this year’s entries and seeing the finalists in Las Vegas at the PSP Deck Expo.

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