Lazy River – Silent Operation

When it comes to aquatic systems, one of the most desirable features is silence. Imagine a swimming pool or a water feature that operates seamlessly without any disruptive noise. Thanks to Riverflow® Current Systems, the dream of experiencing a peaceful flow becomes a reality. Designed with careful engineering and advanced technology, Riverflow® offers a silent operation that surpasses expectations and enhances the overall aquatic experience.

One of the key factors contributing to the silent operation of Riverflow® Current Systems is their unique design. Unlike traditional “high-pressure” systems, Riverflow® employs a different approach. By utilizing a low-pressure system, these current systems naturally operate in a quiet manner, ensuring a serene and tranquil environment for swimmers and water enthusiasts alike. The absence of high-pressure components eliminates the need for loud pumps, reducing noise levels significantly.

Renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Robert Peyton, attests to the impressive quietness of Riverflow® Current Systems. “You don’t ever see it. It has two inputs and one output. People don’t even really know you have it unless they really look at it. It makes no noise whatsoever which is very good.” With Dr. Peyton’s endorsement, it becomes evident that Riverflow® Current Systems offer an exceptional noise-free aquatic solution.

Experience Whisper Quiet Operation With Riverflow®

Riverflow® Current Systems offer the advantage of flexibility when it comes to installation. These systems can be conveniently set up up to 60 feet away from the main swimming pool or water feature. This feature allows for discreet placement, enhancing the aesthetics of the area while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere

  • Not a “High Pressure” System. Naturally quiet.
  • Can be installed up to 60 feet away.
  • System quieter than running refrigerator.
  • 45 db at 5 feet away.

You won’t even know it’s there!

Wondering if Riverflow® is right for you?

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