About Our Company

Founded in 2002, Current Systems is a leader in manufacturing axial flow pumps, suction sumps, propulsion nozzles, and other components for counter-current swimming and “lazy river” applications. Riverflow®, the aquatic industry’s leading water current system, transforms virtually any body of water – large or small, public or private – into a dynamic environment that provides fun, fitness and relaxation. Whether you’re floating and daydreaming along a lazy river, water-walking to increase strength and stamina, kayaking, learning to swim, recovering from surgery or training for a triathlon, Riverflow® delivers current at the precise velocity and volume perfectly suited for each user’s needs. Riverflow® adds lasting value to any aquatic experience. And that’s what today’s homeowners want.

The Riverflow® System by Current Systems Inc. is a unique technology that provides the most powerful and most natural water flow you can find this side of Mother Nature. Unlike most water flow systems that are noisy and cumbersome, or use high-pressure jets that feel like you’re standing in front of a fire-hose, this system is:

  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Energy-efficient
  • Practically invisible
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Typically 5 times more volume than any other system

Company Executives

Owner – Riverflow Pools

Phil de Tournillon is the owner of Riverflow Pools, affiliated with Current Systems, Inc. Phil, a 30+ year veteran of the construction industry, has been consulting on pool design, supplying and implementing the Riverflow System throughout the United States and Internationally for more than 20 years. His passion for the pool and spa industry stems from his vast experience and believes that all water needs current, not only for health and enjoyment, but bringing “Fun to Water.”

President – Current Systems

Davidson started his testing with a plywood test tank in a carport in Malibu, Calif. and resulted in two test pattern pumping systems that were patented in the 1980’s and have become the forerunners of today’s Riverflow Pump System. Over the years, Davidson has developed various nozzles, manifolds, suction grates and sumps, designed to deliver optimum flow capacities safely. Davidson’s pursuit has been focused on high volume rather than high-pressure as a means to provide appropriate current.

Wondering if Riverflow® is right for you?

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